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Money Matters to Me - guide book

BUY NOW: If you want to purchase the Money Matters to Me printed book click the link to go to the NIACE website where you can purchase online.

Review of the Money Matter to Me Guide Book by Citizens Advice

Supporting learning with web-based activities
A guide for adult learning practitioners

This new publication is a comprehensive manual of 25 modules about money.  These include familiar topics such as plastic cards, wages, and getting advice, and less obvious subjects such as foreign currency, advertising & small print, tax & public spending.  These could provide useful ‘warm-up’ or introductory sessions before moving on to more personal money related matters with groups of learners.

Each module is clearly presented, with a quick tutor’s guide to the objectives, and instructions for a wide range of activities to engage learners.  The book comes with a CD-ROM version so worksheets, quizzes etc can be downloaded and printed.  The materials are accessible to a wide range of learners, and are mapped to the Adult Financial Capability Framework.

Produced by NIACE (National Institute of Adult Continuing Education), access to their moneymatterstome website is integral to the sessions.  The interactive resources range from cash machine simulations to a Junior Football Manager game for parents to manage a budget for their local junior team.

This is a flexible and useful resource for financial capability tutors who offer learning at sites with internet access.

Alison Boyd
Learning and Development Consultant - Financial Capability
Citizens Advice

Foreword - by Alan Tuckett, Director, NIACE

Book cover imageToday, we exist in a world that is ever more complex and difficult to navigate. It is a world that expects us increasingly to make fundamental decisions about our financial lives but at the same time is failing to equip so many of us with the skills needed to make these decisions. Low levels of literacy and numeracy, together with a lack of financial understanding and awareness, are having a detrimental impact on the lives of too many people.

To help address the pressing challenge of raising financial capability levels, NIACE created Money Matters to Me in 2004. An online financial education website, Money Matters to Me is designed specifically to widen access to financial learning and enable students to develop skills through a motivating, interactive learning resource that is relevant to their own life experiences.

In the years since it was set up, we have continued to develop the website, expanding the scope of the content as well as ensuring that it continues to remain relevant to today’s learners and to the wider world of financial  capability.With the ifs School of Finance, we have also gone on to create a Level 2 qualification in personal financial planning, which draws on Money Matters to Me as a resource.

The purpose of this handbook is to help you make the most of Money Matters to Me. It is intended for financial educators and gives specific guidance on lesson planning to help deliver an organised programme of financial education. It also aims to create stronger links between Money Matters to Me and the world of financial capability, and act as a stepping stone towards the Level 2 qualification in personal financial planning.

I hope this book achieves its aims and that it encourages you to explore further the wealth of material contained within Money Matters to Me so that you can use it to deliver the learning that is so vital if we are to raise financial capability levels.

Alan Tuckett, Director,
National Institute of Adult Continuing EducationAlan Tucket Photo

Book contents

The role of the tutor
Topic: Finding and assessing information
Topic: Plastic cards
Topic: Cheques
Topic: Foreign currency
Topic: Borrowing money
Topic: Pensions
Topic: Companies
Topic:Wages and deductions
Topic: Income from self-employment
Topic: Spending
Topic: Tax and public spending
Topic: Bank accounts
Topic: Comparing financial information
Topic: Planning and controlling your income and expenditure
Topic: Planning for the future
Topic: The Chancellor’s Budget
Topic: Insurance
Topic: Saving and investing
Topic: Financial products
Topic: Advertising and small print
Topic:What to do if your income falls
Topic: Getting advice
Topic:What types of advice?
Topic: Making a complaint
Topic: Buying a home
Jargon Buster
Mapping of Money Matters to Me to the Adult Financial Capability Framework,
Adult Literacy & Numeracy Core Curricula
160 Pages + Interactives support resources on CD-ROM

Sample pages

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BUY NOW: If you want to purchase the Money Matters to Me printed book click the link to go to the NIACE website where you can purchase online.


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