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Exercise – going on a road trip

Going for a weekend trip is something we all like to do from time to time. It’s nice to get in your car and to drive somewhere new.

The relaxing weekend away can soon turn sour though if you realise that you spent a lot more money than you thought you would. Spending money on food, accommodation and petrol soon adds up. You might find it helpful to use our Interactive Budgeter to see how much money you will need in total.

The exercise below shows you how you can estimate your petrol consumption. Have a look at the example first before you try yourself!

Please note that you will not find out the exact distance measuring with a ruler because the actual distance is likely to be longer, due to curves of the road. In our example we also assume that you are driving on the motorway and not in city traffic. Your car will use more petrol in city traffic than on long distance journeys.

Example: estimating your petrol costs.
Common scales are:
1:440,000 (1 inch on your map = 6.94 miles on the road)
1:850,000 (1 inch your map = 13.42 miles on the road)
1:633,600 (1 inch on your map = 10 miles on the road)

And now – why not try yourself. Click the button on the right in the activities below to see if you have calculated correctly!

Activity: Estimating your petrol costs
In this activity, you choose to go to a destination that is 12 inches away on the map. The map you are using has a scale of 1:850,000. Driving your car outside city traffic, you travel approximately 7 miles per litre of petrol. The price of petrol is 80p/ litre.

Remember, a scale of 1:850,000 means that every inch on your map equals 13.4 miles on the road.


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