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Loan calculator

Thinking of borrowing some money? Want to get a rough idea of the cost? Have a look at our loan calculator to find out:

  • Your monthly payments
  • Total interest
  • Total amount repaid

This loan calculator is an 'annual rate' calculator and does not work with loans quoted on an 'APR' basis (APR rates include all additional costs associated with the loan as applied by the lender).

Play around with the figures if you want. For example, by accepting a longer repayment period your monthly payments will reduce, but it will take longer to repay the loan and the total interest paid will be greater'.

Need some help? Use the 'Help me I'm stuck' button below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: calculations are for indication only.
The amounts shown will vary depending upon the provider and the interest rates and additional costs they may add. Always refer to a qualified, unbiased adviser before making any financial commitment.

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