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Q & A - your questions answered

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions can be found here.

Select a question below for an answer.

Why don't illustrations on the page print correctly sometimes?
Due to the nature of the way the visuals have been designed, using Macromedia Flash, many screens will not print the visuals (illustrations and interactive elements in the main text areas) when you do a print from the browser. All of the screen will print but the illustrations may not print at all, may print in part or may print upside down. This is completely beyond the control of the developers.

You have various ways to overcome this.

  • If you want to print the visual full screen then simply right click on the illustration and select 'print' from the pop up menu.
  • If you want a printable downloadable version of the site in part or whole click here.

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Why do illustrations on the screen turn upside down when I print?
Due to the nature of the way the illustrations have been designed, using Macromedia Flash, under certain circumstances the illustrations on the screen may flip upside down when you select the print button.

We as developers have no way to overcome this as it results from a strange interaction between the Flash player from Macromedia and Internet Explorer 6. Hopefully Microsoft will issue a fix for this at some point.

The printed page will actually print the illustrations the right way up but to get your screen images back the right way you will need to refresh the current page or go to a new page.

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Why do my menus go under images in Netscape Navigator?
Due to the use of transparent flash elements in the resource some versions of Netscape Navigator will put the drop down navigation menus below the images on the page.

This is due to the browser and not the way the site has been developed. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes and would suggest you might prefer to use the large text version with non flash navigation system.

This issue should only be relevant to a small proportion of users.

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Are there any downloadable resources associated with the site?
Yes, look in the Resource bank section.

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Can I use downloaded resources for my own educational materials?
Yes we want you to use this site as a resource within educational situations, feel free to download the downloadable version of this site and then either use 'as is' or cut and paste sections across to your own materials.

All we would ask is that wherever possible and practical you credit the source (this resource) and that you do not use any materials for commercial purposes at any time.

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I have a great idea for the site, how do I let you know?
'Money matters to me' will continue to evolve and grow over time, we want you to play a part in making that happen. User feedback is very important to us. The best way to let us have your suggestions is either via e-mail or through our feedback form.

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There is a problem with the site, how do I let you know?
We have tested the site internally for many hundreds of hours during its development and we have had the kind help of many organisations and individuals, but this is a large resource and problems can get through. If you find anything you feel we should know about then either e-mail us or complete our feedback form.

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I am visually impaired and am struggling, is there any help available?
Yes, we have looked at how we can make the site available to all, especially those who may find using a computer screen difficult. To find out more visit our Accessibility section.

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Can I communicate with others using Money matters to me?
We have set up a forum in order to give you and others the opportunity to talk about the site and how it has, and could, help you or your learners. To go directly to the forum click here.

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The Budgeter in the Workshops section won't save my information, why?
In most cases the saving and reloading of information in the Budgeter will work perfectly. There are a couple of instances where this may not be the case;

  • You have disabled 'cookies' in your browser settings (default is 'on' and most users leave this alone so there should not be a problem).
  • You are operating within an organisation where the IT people have locked down some aspects of windows, in this case you will need to ask your IT department to look into what the problem is.

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I am asked if I want to download Flash player plug-in, why is that?
We have used Macromedia Flash to allow us to bring you a rich and interactive experience. Flash is fast and dynamic and allows us to include large, high resolution illustrations and interactive elements and yet have very quick download times.

Although Flash 6 plug-in is available we have decided to base our work on Flash player 5, which has been an integral part of browsers since Internet Explorer 4.

The advantage is that around 97% of users will be able to use the site in full without requiring any plug in download. The remainder, those using very old browsers will need to download the Flash plug-in available free.

To download and install the latest Flash plug in if you cannot see the interactive elements of the site. Please click the image below to install it automatically.

Get Macromedia Flash Player

Note: Once the download is complete click the 'back' button in your browser and check that you can now see the test animation above.

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Some of the links in the Resource bank don't work, why is that?
At the time of launch we have ensured that all links in the Resource bank were operational. We also regularly check them to make sure they still work. These links are to third party sites and the owners may delete or remove pages at any time without our knowledge. Rest assured, if you find a broken link in the Resource bank it will be fixed very shortly.

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Who was responsible for producing this resource?
Many people have been involved in creating this resource, to see a full list of all those involved click here.

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