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Money Matters to Me for teaching and learning numeracy

Money Matters to Me is an exciting resource for teaching and learning about money matters. We see financial literacy as a stand-alone life skill, however we appreciate that money matters have relevance to many other areas and skills used in everyday life. One of these areas is numeracy.

Throughout Money Matters to Me you can find several activities and exercises: some of these are numeracy related. With Money Matters to Me we mainly address numeracy level 2, however you can also find exercises that are pitched at Entry Level 3 or Level 1.

To help you find exercises that are specifically relevant to numeracy, we have mapped the resource’s activities against the Adult Numeracy Core Curriculum. Have a look at the overview below to find specific exercises at different levels.

Note: Please note that Money Matters to Me is not designed specifically as a numeracy resource so we do not cover the whole curriculum. However, we believe that Money Matters to Me can serve as a useful resource for numeracy.

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