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Guide for practitioners - about this guide

This is a practical guide on how to use ‘Money Matters to Me’.

This guide is online and linked to the main structure of the website (or it can be downloaded as a word document by clicking here). This means that when we change features of the website we will also change this guide to reflect the changes.

In addition to this practical, hands-on guide, we produced a printed guide for tutors on how to use online resources in their classes. This guide offers you even more in-depth information and it is more extensive. To find out more about this guide, please have a look at
Niace publications here.

Who is this guide for?
This guide is designed especially for tutors who would like to use this resource in their classes. It is also for practitioners who would like to integrate financial literacy issues into their classes.

What is the aim of this guide?
We are hoping to enhance the usability of the resource and to give you some helpful hints on how this resource can be used in a practical way by you as tutors and practitioners. We are hoping to support your creative use of resources in the classroom and to demonstrate how online resources can enrich teaching and learning. Also we aim to give you an overview of the different areas and content of this very comprehensive website.

What will you find in this guide?
This guide will provide you with hands-on advice based upon identified good practice and sound theory. It will provide you with useful checklists for using the resource and for preparing a class with MMTM (Money Matters to Me). It will give you a comprehensive overview of the content and structure of the website. It will share good practice with you.

TIP: Remember, you can usually find lots of useful information from other tutors and practitioners in the Forum. If you have any ideas, links or files you want to share then the forum is the place to post them.

Content of this guide:

About this guide

  • Introduction
  • Who is this guide for?
  • What is the aim of this guide?
  • What will you find in this guide?
  • What is Money Matters to Me about?
  • Who is behind Money Matters to Me?
  • Copyrights
  • How is the website structured?
  • What is the content of the website?
  • Learning with online resources
  • Case Studies: how Money Matters to Me is being used
  • Checklist of good practice
  • Preparing a class
  • Case Study 1 - cash machine
  • Case Study 2 - web quests
  • Case Study 3 - improving numeracy with Money Matters to Me
  • Case Study 4 - dealing with financial problems/debt
  • Case Study 5 - preparing handouts
  • Case Study 6 - exchange with other tutors and practitioners
  • Case Study 7 - Money Matters to Me as a resource for learners
  • Case Study 8 - family learning
  • Checklist
  • Preparing a class on financial literacy
  • Preparing a numeracy class
  • Preparing an ICT teaching class
  • Using the online tools and workshops as classroom aids
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