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About the project and credits

About the project
Money matters to me is an online financial education site developed by NIACE for the purpose of:

  • widening access to learning about money matters to people with a range of skills levels, within community environments;
  • enabling students to develop ICT and numeracy skills through a motivating, interactive learning resource which is relevant to their own situations.

The site is being aimed in particular at:

  • adult tutors
  • adult learners, particularly women 25-50 and their families. Many of the adult learners will be introduced to the resource through their tutors.’

The developing information society encourages adults to become competent users of ICT but there is still a significant lack of content relevant to people's lives. A financial literacy online resource has the potential to address both these needs by providing a strong motive to going on line.

The Basic Skills agency undertook a survey (MORI) to discover what would motivate people to improve their skills (e.g. numeracy) and found that 77% would learn if it involved using a computer. A further 73% would be interested if the learning resulted in a qualification and 41% would prefer to learn at home.

This indicates the potential of an online financial literacy resource which was accredited and available for personal use. A large number also expressed a preference for learning in an educational environment so a resource which could be integrated into a course of study as well as being available for individual use would maximise its usability.
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Project aims in detail

  • To develop an interactive and motivating online financial literacy resource.
  • To develop an online learning resource for adults who are aged between
    25 and 50 with a special emphasis on women and families.
  • To provide a motivating experience that would assist adults to make
    informed choices about their finances.
  • To provide an online experience which helps adults to see the relevance of
    ICT to their lives.
  • To aid adults develop their numeracy skills as part of the learning
  • Ensure that it is relevant to the learners.
  • Allow for the life experience of the learners.
  • Allow for the different motives of the learners.
  • Allow for the different learning styles and preferences of the learners.
  • Actively engage the learners.
  • Provide a large degree of choice to motivate users/learners while supporting and guiding them through the content.
  • Be straightforward to navigate.
  • Be highly visual but accessible through slow speed links (i.e. home or outreach community location).
  • Allow learners to assess their initial understanding and thus make informed choices about using the resource.
  • Be interactive - quizzes, games, activities etc.
  • Provide downloadable resources to allow learners to develop their understanding away from the computer.
  • Provide links to other resources in all formats.

This resource is based on the Adult Financial Literacy Advisory Group (DFEE, 2000) framework. The resource is meant for educational purposes only and does not provide financial advice.
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Many people have worked on this project both formally and informally, below we would like to give credit and thanks to all involved.

Click here to visit the NIACE homepage
NIACE - National Institute of Adult Continuing Education
Bullet Point Dr Alan Clarke Bullet Point Chris Taylor Bullet Point Claudia Hesse Bullet Point John Saccuro
Bullet Point Suzi Challenger Bullet Point Howard Gannaway

Click here to visit the ANQ homepage
ANQ - ICT Design, Development and Consultancy Services
Bullet Point Lee Gibson Bullet Point Chris Gilliam Bullet Point Nick Butler Bullet Point Mark Dryden

Click here to visit the Prudential homepage
Prudential PLC - Corporate Responsibility Unit
Bullet Point Faye Harrison


  • Julia Grimes - Senior Editor
  • Guy Forster (CTAD - Cambridge Training and Development Ltd)
  • Barbara Nance (CTAD - Cambridge Training and Development Ltd)
  • Dr Alan Clarke (NIACE)
  • Chris Taylor (NIACE)
  • Claudia Hesse (NIACE)
  • Onita Harrison (Adult Education Consultant)
  • Sue Jessop (Basic Skills Adult Education, WEET Centre)
  • Louise Williams (Workers' Educational Association)
  • Martin Platt (Derbyshire County Council)
  • Phil Cole (Willenhall Community Advice Centre, Coventry)


  • The Linwood Centre, Leicester
  • Keddleston Centre, Derbyshire

If we are missing anyone, or have out of date details please let us know via our feedback form.

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