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Credit History - can I see my own credit reference file?

You are entitled by law to see your own credit reference file.

To do this you need to write to the credit reference agencies, asking for what is known as your statutory credit report. This costs £2 and in your letter you’ll need to include:

  • your full name,
  • date of birth,
  • current address,
  • any other addresses you’ve lived at over the past six years.

The credit reference agencies must send you your file within seven working days of receiving your letter.

The illustration below shows the sort of information a credit reference agency file holds. Move over the sections with a blue heading to get a more detailed explanation.

It is also possible to get instant access to your credit history via credit rating agency websites but this does cost more.

For more information on applying for your credit reference file and details of the main credit reference agencies, visit


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