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Bank statements

One sort of financial record is a bank statement. Your bank will regularly send a statement containing information showing income (credits) and outgoings (debits) on your bank account.

Some things you can expect to see on a bank statement:

  • name and address of the bank
  • name and address of the account holder
  • account number
  • bank sort code
  • statement number
  • number of pages
  • a record of all debit and credit transactions
  • the amount of money left in your account, this is called a 'balance'.

Activity: Click on the symbols/codes below for more information
The codes used may differ from bank to bank.

Example Bank Statement

For a more in-depth look at banks and building societies, please see our section Where to keep your money.

Nowadays many people use online banking to manager their money. To find out more and have a go with our online banking simulator, see our section on online banking.


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