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Post Office - collecting your benefits or state pension

The Government now pays child benefit, state pensions and war pensions via Direct Payment. Click here to find out more about Direct Payment.

You can collect your payments from the Post Office if you:

  • hold a Post Office card account; or
  • hold a current account that allows you to withdraw cash from the PostOffice. Contact your local bank or building society to find out if you are entitled to this.
  • hold a National Savings Easy Access Savings Account

Post Office card account
The Post Office card account is designed for receiving benefits, state pensions and war pensions. The card account can't be used to receive other payments, for example wages. You can't go overdrawn with it and you can't pay bills by Direct Debit. The account will be opened in your name and will come with a card and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your PIN number should be kept secret because, together with your card, it allows you to withdraw money from your account.

Withdrawing money at a Post Office
To collect your money from a Post Office branch, you'll need your cash card and your PIN number. When you pass your card over the counter you will be asked to enter your PIN into a keypad that is standing on the counter. If you enter your PIN correctly, you will then be able to withdraw money. You'll get a receipt every time you withdraw cash and you will also receive a quarterly statement if you hold a Post Office card account.

Try out the simulator below to learn how to get money from the Post Office using your card and PIN.

Once you have used the keypad to withdraw cash you'll receive a receipt like the one below. To find out what it all means, move you pointer over the receipt and details will pop up.


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