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Benefits - direct payment

Direct Payment is the way all benefits, state pensions and war pensions are now paid. What this means is that instead of having an order book, your money is paid directly into your bank, building society, Post Office TM or National Savings Easy Access Savings Account. The amount you get hasn’t changed, just the way you receive it.

The change to Direct Payment gives you more choice over where and when you collect your money. You can pick it up from your local bank or building society branch, from the Post Office or, in most cases, from a cash machine. You can also get all your payments paid into one account instead of using separate order books and giro cheques, which could make it easier to manage your money.

You will still be able to let somebody else collect your payments. You need to ask your bank, building society or Post Office about authorising somebody else to collect your money for you. This person is usually referred to as a ‘third party’.

To find out more, contact the Jobcentre Plus or social security office that deals with your benefits or pensions.


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