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Foreign currency

Going on holiday? Hot sun, sandy beaches, exotic food and foreign currency.

Although going on holiday is great, sometimes the foreign money is a bit confusing:

  • How much does that bikini cost?
  • Is it cheaper to buy the kids' flip-flops here or back home?
  • Am I paying more or less for petrol?

Luckily most of Europe now uses the euro which makes it less confusing than it used to be.

This is an example of what euro notes and coins look like;

European Coins and Notes

European countries which have currently adopted the Euro are shown below;

What is a Euro worth?
Before you plan your spending money don't forget to check out the latest exchange rate. At the time of writing the euro is worth about 66p.

So the rate is about:

1 = Є1.5 (euro)

To change pounds to euros you multiply by 1.5.

To multiply by 1.5, you multiply by 1, then halve it and add the two together.

Activity: Why not try the 2 quizzes below to see how you cope with euro conversions.

To change euros to pounds, you have to multiply by .66. To do this, you can divide by 3 then multiply by 2.

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