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Euro converter

Going on holiday? The Euro converter activity below will help you to practice converting pounds into Euros. The activity follows on from what you may have learnt in the section 'foreign currency', by using an example default rate of 1.5 Euros to the Pound.

If you know the actual conversion rate being offered by, for example, your travel company then you can enter this for a more accurate conversion.

Finally, if you do not know the rate you can click the link below the activity to find it from this linked site and return here to enter the actual value, or you can use the multi-currency converter provided by the linked site.

Activity: Why not try converting different amounts into Euros. Get a feel for how conversions work and how much you have to spend in Euros.

To find out the current exchange rate to enter into the activity above or to use a real time mutli-currency converter then click here.

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