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Chip and PIN - at a shop near you!

Chip and PIN is used when we pay for things with cards. Instead of signing your name, you insert your card into a Chip and PIN machine and enter your PIN number (Personal Identification Number).

Your PIN is a four-digit personal security number that is given to you together with your card. It is the same number that you use when you withdraw money from a cash machine. It’s important that you never let anybody else find out your PIN!

The Chip and PIN system was introduced to tackle card fraud. PINs are thought to be more secure than signing your name because you are the only person who knows what your PIN number is. You don’t need your PIN when you buy things over the telephone or via the Internet, so please remember that you shouldn’t tell anybody what your PIN is.

Below you can find a simulator of a Chip and PIN machine. It is the same as the Chip and PIN machines you will find in most shops, restaurants, etc. To pay with your card using the PIN pad, you will have to go through the following steps:

1. At the checkout, staff will usually ask you to put your card into the card-reading slot on the Chip and PIN machine or they will do it for you.

2. The card reader will recognise if your card is a Chip and PIN card

3. Just follow the instructions on the screen. You will be asked to check the amount and to enter your PIN

4. When you enter your PIN it is not displayed; instead it will show up as four stars (****)

5. If you enter your PIN incorrectly, you can press the ‘clear’ button and enter your PIN again

6. Finally, the screen will show you that your transaction has been successful and you will be issued with a printed receipt.

Why not try it out for yourself using our Chip and PIN simulator below.

YOUR RECEIPT - move over items for pop up information

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