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Banking simulator thumbnail imageOnline banking simulator

Welcome to our online banking simulator, which aims to help you get to grips with online banking. Each bank and building society offering online banking has its own website. These will differ from the Money Matters to Me online banking simulator but most should be easy to understand and use once you have practiced with our simulator.

Log in details
When you bank online your bank or building society will give you all the information you need to access your account. They will probably send you this information in more than one letter to prevent anyone getting hold of your details if a letter should be lost in the post.  You’ll also be asked to create a password and other details such as a memorable phrase. Your bank or building society will ask you to enter these details every time you bank online. They are one of the security measures that online banks use to keep your money safe so it is vital that you don’t tell anyone else these details. For more information, see our information on online banking security.

You’ll need some login details to use our simulator. We have created these for you. When prompted, please enter the following details:

  • Customer ID: 0811844608
  • 6-digit passcode: 021200
  • Memorable phrase: rover1234. You’ll need to enter the 2nd character, which is o and the 9th character, which is 4.

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