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Where to keep your money

Most of us have heard stories about people keeping their money under the floorboards or in their mattress but this isn’t usually the best way to look after money. We need money to live our lives so it is important that we keep it somewhere that we can get hold of it but we also need to make sure it is safe.

People have worried about keeping their money safe throughout history. Rather than leaving it at home, the ancient Egyptians used to keep their gold in temples because they believed it would be safer. The temples were big, sturdy buildings that were never left unattended and they were also sacred, which meant it was less likely someone would steal from them.

Today, most of us choose to keep our money in banks or building societies. While we don’t see these as sacred they do have qualities similar to the ancient temples. Set up specifically to manage money, banks and building societies are considered safe places that are capable of keeping our money secure for us until we need it.   

To find out more about how banks and building societies work, look at the following:


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